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Salutations! Welcome to my page. Sorry if I don't update that often, but I hope to find more time to draw and write once I get some road blocks taken care of.
If you are interested in to art-trades, I'm always open for it! Just message me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My DA Family~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
:iconinvaderfrimo: tagged me so here u go!!!!!!!!!

You can do this for yourself, and you can add your OC's,too! 

What was the scariest time of your life??
-Well dang, um... I think probably the couple of weeks after I completely ruined my life and watched Saw. I was eight, and I looked it up online, and because of it I developed some really bad quirks and habits and I think I'm permanently scared of screamers and the dark.I just became a really paranoid person after that,, and the first couple weeks were the worst.
Either that, or switching over to homeschooling.

What was the happiest time of  your life??
-Oh man,there was two. The first was definitely meeting Lindsay, she was the first legitimate friend I ever had, and the only friendship that I have kept for this long, and honestly the best thing ever. Go moirails! And then when we formed LoDGA with Lizzy and Annie. Yupyup.

what was the saddest time of your life?
-I... don't know? Probably around when I was eleven or twelve, when I was struggling with a lot of depression and stuff, and my parent's relationship wasn't doing to well, and it just wasn't a pleasant time. I tend to forget most of the bad things that happen to me, I don't like to dwell on it.

When have you gotten the most angry?
-Um. Man, now that I think about it I've gotten angry a lot. So I'm gonna separate it into two categories: Verbal anger and Internal anger. Verbally I think was the time when Marah was teasing Jo and ended up giving her a concussion. I got really really upset cause I had told her to cut it out and she was just laughing and saying it was fine, and then Jo got hurt, and I kind of just lost it. Internally, there was this person, that I used to be pretty good friends with, I'd say. However, I'd heard a lot of rumors that they had been lying about others, and I didn't believe it. But that friend came up to me and told me things about my best friend that I knew would never ever ever be true, and I got... really mad at that person. I still am, despite that it was probablly about two years ago now. So yeah.

What is the yummiest food you've ever had?
-Dude my mom will make me this chicken basil pesto pasta stuff every year for my birthday and it will forever be the best food ever.
That and the buffalo chicken footlong at subway.

what's the dumbest thing you've ever done?
-I was born

But no omg man how do I answer that one???? I do a butt ton of dumb stuff. Um..

So when I was in second grade, there was this kid. I'm gonna call him... George, to protect the innocent. So George was the only kid in my second grade class that I couldn't catch up to. He was always smarter than me!!! And the teacher always called on him, and he always got A's and everybody wanted him for their reading group. And I hated him for it!!!! He was my rival. And so, I devised a scheme to make him hate me as much as I hated him, so we could have a legitimate rivalry. So I eavesdropped on him and his friends, reminding you once again, that I am a second grader in this story (so my psychopathy runs deep), and I find out that him and his friends are terrified of cooties, which after some snooping around what the girls are talking about, I discover is something that girls give to boys and boys give to girls. So what does little seven year old me do?
I walk up to this kid.
Every day.
When we line up for lunch.
And I say:
"Hey George
Guess what
I've got a crush on you."
For the entire school year.
It was only about two years later that I realized what a terrible idea that had been, and how terribly confused and scared poor George must have been of me. 
And the worst part? 
I used to take swimming lessons with this guy.
After realizing my henious behavior, I had to face social interaction with this poor creature. I spent the drive to the pool every week in the summer praying that I had grown enough that he wouldn't recognize me, wouldn't recognize my face, or my name, or anything.
I regret every moment of second grade, but that was the worst.

What was your worst hair day ever?
-I got a comb stuck in my hair in second grade and my mom had to cut it out. It was  really really really in there to. Like you could only see the handle. That was it. The rest was just a rats nest of hair and plastic.
Second grade was not a good time for me.

What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?
-I believe I have said enough on this front already. See above.

what's the best day you've ever had?
-Oh man, that's tough. I've had a lot of really great days, at least, I remember all the great days I've had. First one that comes to mind is when I got to visit the City Museum of Saint Luis. It was like walking inside my own mind!!!!! It was spectacular. I wanna visit there again. I still have dreams about it.

What's the worst day you ever had?
-UGh. As stated above, I tend to block that stuff from my memory. But the first one I think of was my first speech and debate tournament. I will spare myself and the rest of the world the gruesome details, but I cried a LOT that day. Not fun.

Rules: tag five people!! Okey-dokes, I tag....
:icondeathlee28: :iconarmybacon: :iconMy5yic-Lali: :icon999inthedark: and..... :iconlpsrockenlpsgirl:
HAve fun you guys!
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